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jjodanger's Journal

A Life Size Paper Doll
31 March 1982
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Love can free us from all excess
From our deepest debts
Cause when our hearts are full we need much less
, abraham lincoln, acceptance, adventure, air hockey, art, astronauts, autumn, bagels, bambi, barbara streisand, baseball, bath time, being right, belize, birds, blown glass, bocce ball, books, buffalo ny, bukowski, canada, cat power, catch phrase, cello, clean laundry, cloud watching, coconut records, confessions, controller.controller, coolpix p5000, cult classics, dancing, death cab for cutie, dinosaurs, dior, disneyland, dreams, dresses, elephants, excitement, feminism, flat irons, flossing, flowers, friends, gang of four, gardening, girl crushes, girls night, glasses, goldfish, grammar, gratitude, green tea, gucci rush, gummi bears, happiness, heavy petting, her space holiday, hiking, hippies, history, hot dogs, human behaviour, humility, italy, j.d. salinger, japanese trinkets, jeff buckley, jenny lewis, jews, joanna newsom, jogging, joy, kurt vonnegut, lady friends, lakes, learning to knit, lesbians, letting go, liebe, lions, lip gloss, long beach, lounging around, love, making out, marsupials, matt pond pa, moments of truth, music, my sleep number bed, nail polish, napping, naturally blonde, nerds, objectivism, organic food, organization, painting, patchouli, photographs, pilates, pink champagne, pokez, polka dots and stripes, portland, positivity, pt anderson movies, punctuality, rachael yamagata, rainy days, reading, religion, respect, running with scissors, san diego, serenity, sex, sexeger, shaking my ass, sleep overs, sleeping in, snow cones, snuggling, star wars, sunglasses, sunny days, talk radio, the wizard of oz, tivo, traffic circles, trail mix, travelling, tree swings, uno, velore, walks, warm sheets, water, winners, writing, yoga