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So can I just tell you how much fun I had last night? It was ridiculous. Ciara and I met up with Destiny and Jenn at Hamburger Mary's and were later joined by Colleen. Every muscle in my body hurts because I was dancing like a fool. It was amazing.

Here's What Happens When Y ou Go To The Club In Flip FlopsCollapse )

Later that day...

I guess Destiny relayed a conversation I was having with Katie about Erika. That sentence makes it sound worse than I think it is. Anyway, she told Erika that I was telling Katie that I was soo in love with Erika and blah blah. So I get this text from Erika this saying please stop telling people that you're in love with me, especially Katie. So I texted her back saying I didn't say that and I think Destiny left out the part where I was defending her because Katie was talking all this smack on her. Now she's all upset at Destiny and I think I'm still in the middle. Shit, dude. Lesbian drama is the worst. In the end I told Erika I would stop telling people how great I think she is and that I was sorry if she feels weird about that.

It sucks that I have to censor myself because other people are immature little gossip whores. My life at this moment feels like an episode of The Hills.

Oh Dear

So Ciara has a crush on Destiny. Destiny has a lady. Ciara has a husband. Destiny and Ciara made out plus on my couch a couple weeks ago. They also kissed in the elevator at work today.

I forsee a terrible outcome.

What's worse is Destiny knows she is cheating on her lady, Jenn, physically and emotionally but seemingly doesn't care. And Ciara is all head over heels in Lustville that nothing really matters. Not even being 'the other woman'. Which, in my opinion, is really shitty on both of their parts.

Emotional cheating is still cheating.

With that said, Ciara and I are going to the Long Beach Pride Festival on Saturday before Brooke's birthday dinner. I'm pretty sure it will be fun and interesting.

Life has been busy and tiring and great and fulfilling and everything lately. I'm tired right now though.

Also, I miss my mom.

We are Annoyed

All my shit on my computer is broken.

Also, it bothers me when couples speak in "we". We have [insert thing here] already, we like steak, we have to go to the gyno and on and on. Is it soulmate type love or loss of identity?

Whatever it is, it fucking bothers me.

Do I have that type of love, yes, I think so. Do I speak in "we"? Fuck no. I am me and he is himself. We like, think, enjoy, do, say everything differently. Do I love the bejesus out of him? Heck yes.

Random Hump Day

So today all of my clients were on some weird talk to Jaclynn about death or equally weird shit kick.

One of my clients asked me if I was ok. He said that I sounded just ok, not super and I said," I'm just tired but I'm ok" and he said, "Your dad didn't die, right?" "WHAT? No! What a terrible thing to say", I said. Then he said " Ok, just making sure. We foster kittens and one of them got their head stuck in the dishwasher today." "We had to put him down."

What. The. Fuck.

Then another one called me today and it went like this: "How is this amazing Wednesday going for you", she said. "Ok. How is your day?", I said. "Ugh, Aunt Flo is here today and it's terrible."

What? Why?

Dude, I am all about announcing my period but there's a time and place. It's definitely not on the phone with my payroll specialist.

The my favorite, Cooper, happened and he always talks to me about random stuff. He wouldn't hang up the phone until I told him I loved him. The thing is is that I do. Not in a creepy way. But really, love is never creepy. Unless you're a stalker or something.

I guess this means they like me...?

We are getting our carpet cleaned this weekend. This means on Friday we have to move all of our furniture to somewhere else. The backyard maybe. I don't want to do it but I don't want some dude man handling my belongings. Oh well.

I have been thinking a lot about Heaven lately. More on that later.

Apr. 27th, 2009

I'm convinced I have cancer on my throat.

It has been all swollen for 4 days and now there are these pus pockets or whatever grossness they are all over my left tonsil. It happened when I had mono when I was 15 but never til now. Til cancer.

Just kidding but I feel like shit. And I feel like sleeping like it's going out of style which is never the case with me.

Meh. Sucky.

Sloshball and Ladytron and Other Things

Maggie and Dave and Colleen and Amanda and Ciara came over on Friday for game night etc. It was so much fun.

Ciara and I didn't go to sleep til 4am. Hi, I am so not 17 anymore. I had a fun time though.

We then went to play sloshball. Sloshball = Kickball with beer if you didn't know. It was much harder than I thought it would be and I put sunscreen on my tattos but not anywhere else and it's terrible. I have these white rectangles everywhere and everywhere else is very lobster-y.

Then The Faint and Ladytron happened and it was amazing!!!!

I'll contribute more when I'm feeling smarter.

I hope you had a good weekend.

The New Jacki, as I call her, has infiltrated my humble, calm, laugh riot workspace with all her baby daddy-my man's a jailbird-I'm in debt [ like hardcore, apparently ]-I'm sick all the time-my kid is a slacker-I hate my job-I hate my life drama. Gah!!

I hope my opposite-of-that-completely energy rubs off on her and I can like her without forcing it. Cuz right now that's how it is.

Otherwise, I love Erika and Ciara and tennis and Andy and I have the worst cramps of my life to date.

That is all. Happy Hump Day, Y'all.

oh. My Auntie Ginger died this morning. I hope she had a safe trip to Heaven. I will miss her.
Ok so sometimes when I'm driving home I make my "wedding playlist" in my head with every intention of actually creating it when I get home for some future date that has yet to be determined. I make a list of the stuff we'll dance to and the songs we'll listen to while we are all eating and all the walking down the aisle songs and the garter toss song and the money dance song.  Anyway, I was all amped to actually do it today because I'm feeling particularly in love but then when I got home all the songs I stored on my drive are now gone. Then I remembered that I don't even want to have all that. I just want to get married and party in honor of getting hitched.

Speaking of being in love. Me and the man are going on a date tonight. It's rare that I see him in the middle of the week and even more rare that we actually go somewhere. I canceled tennis for this date. It better be cool. Just kidding. I mean I hope it doesn't suck but as long as it doesn't suck it will be cool...  Whatever.

Oh! I finished A Wolf At The Table by Augusten Burroughs. It was amazing. I cried a lot last night. The epilogue is amazing.

I just got Burberry's new fragrance, Summer, and it smells so flippin' yummy.

We got Disneyland passes today. We didn't go because I wanted to re-vamp my backyard today but it was sooo hot that I waited til about an hour ago. We mostly just stayed inside in the a/c and watched movies. The backyard looks good though. I can't wait to go swimming again!!

It's dinner time. I got nothin'.

Jaclynn On Being Awesome

So I got this $50 gift certificate thing from my work today. I'm not really sure what it's for but I'm pretty sure it means I am awesome. It's one of those cool dealies that you can pick where you want your gift card to come from and they will mail it to your house. I chose Sephora because I need more face wash. Also I moved desks. I might have mentioned that. I sit by the window now and it's so much better. It's the little things, man.

Also, I signed up for 2 5k's coming up. One in May and one in June. I'm pretty excited about them. I need to start practicing again. I'm a baby and I don't like to run when it's cold and/or dark. I think I'm going to start waking up about 30 minutes earlier everyday and go for a run.

Oh!! I went and picked up my new Dior prescription sunglasses today. They are fantastic and beautiful.

My dear friend Maggie sent her resume to the recruiter at my job. It would be so fun if she worked there. Then I would get to see her everyday instead of  just Fridays. I think she's going to start playing tennis with me on Tuesdays and Wednesdays though. That would be cool.

I'm going to the Getty next weekend with Erika and Nicole. I'm pretty excited about it. I have never been there and either has Erika but from what I hear it's amazing and for an art and architecture lover such as myself it will be amazing. Then on Saturday night I am going to see The Faint and Ladytron!! Yay!!


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