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Ok here's the run down of my life as of late. Judge not lest you be judged.

I am not in love with Erika anymore. I have finally figured out what the feeling is and it's not ooh grr, I wanna bone you all day love. I'm pretty sure it's I think you're amazing and I am so happy you are my friend love.

I am not trusting Destiny anymore. She's a dirty little secret teller and it's bullshit. Plus she gets her info all messed up and "repeats" things I didn't even say. Yes, there is a long story behind this.

I am SO flippin happy for summer. I have committed to swimming in my pool everyday for 1 hour. It tires Liebe out too so that's good.

I made sex with Colleen last Thursday. I have since decided I am not a lesbian contrary to popular belief. I just like girls. Not in the ooh grr, I wanna bone you all day way though.

I don't think I like Nicole that much. The Man pointed out to me that she doesn't really smile that much. And she gets mad at Ciara and I for laughing. Who doesn't like laughing?

I love my boyfriend.

I love my dog.

I love my house.

I love Maggie.

I can't wait to go to my family reunion and see my Uncle Dennis. The last time I spoke to him I was on coke and it was 6:30 in the morning. I was bored and my phone was within reach.

That is all.

Happy Tuesday!


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